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APIs crafted for Scale & Flexibility


RESTful services designed for scale, flexibility & ease of integration. emSign Hub Interface-less APIs enables access to key functionalities offered on emSign Hub product that can be consumed by your application. Our API's are built on REST and therefore interoperable with any existing web application framework that supports REST based API calls.
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emSign's ACME service is meticulously crafted to simplify the automation of SSL/TLS processes, mitigating the complexity and effort associated with managing numerous certificates within an enterprise. With organizations juggling a multitude of certificates, each demanding significant time and effort, ACME proves invaluable by completely automating the essential procedures needed to oversee SSL/TLS certificates across all endpoints in your organization.
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Advantages of emSign API Services

Interface-less REST APIs

Save time and money by automating certificate management using the emSign REST API, supporting certificate ordering, verification, issuance and more.

Streamlined Deployments

Automation lightens the hefty burdens traditionally associated with large-scale deployments and lifecycle management within enterprise settings.

Preventing Outages

ACME eliminates the risk of website outages caused by expired or improperly configured certificates, safeguarding your enterprise from reputational and financial setbacks.

Ensuring Compliance

Compliance requirements related to connection security and other pertinent areas are intricate, constantly evolving, and non-compliance can result in substantial financial consequences for organizations.